Honomu House Construction VII

- Interior work nears  completion

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November 11 - Rainbow, stairs and kitchen

October 29 - Bridge, study, bedroom


October 29 - Library, bath, stairs, living room


August 20 - Laundry sink, kitchen,


Photos of earlier construction work are available here.

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Experimental Graphic Forecast from NWS for the Big Island - New! View predicted temperature, weather, chance of rain, sky cover
Navel Research Laboratory Hawaii satellite photo - high resolution day-time image and night-time processed image showing low clouds
Hawaii Island Real Time Visible Satellite Image
Java loop of visible satellite images for Hawaiian Islands (animation - see which way the clouds are moving!)
Hawaii Island Real time Infrared Satellite Image (useful at night)
Java loop of infrared satellite images for Hawaiian Islands (20 images, works day and night)

Detailed Map Showing Location/Amount of Predicted Precipitation for the Hawaiian Islands (48 hours)
ETA model forecast showing amount of predicted precipitation for the Hawaiian Islands (84 hours)
NWS Hawaii Island Hydrology Page - Rainfall information

Radar images from University of Hawaii Department of Meteorology

Mauna Kea Web Cameras
Hilo Bay Web Camera

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